Saturday Morning Haikus

(...and Tankas)

Reiss McInally

They look softer, warm;

cosy how you stretch the sleeves -

they don't wear on you


Out on potted plants,

garden red, wet from morning,

ladybirds shine orange

MariaLisa Itzoe

Haiku Number 1

A bunny hopping.

Dew-drops on flower petals.

Spring is unfolding. 


Tanka Number 2

The puppy snoring

softly as she lays in bed.

Of what does she dream?

Still, between the two of us.

I know that I am at home.    

TyLisa Conklin

Haiku Number 2

Flaky crust crunches,

from the freshly baked croissant’s

melted chocolate.    


Tanka Number 2

Our town is rural,

where I grew up.

With seasons so beautiful,

I cannot choose a favorite…

My horse likes rolling in snow.    

Nicole Shields


The innocent lamb

The pure white wool in the field

The sun is smiling.


Green Tea

The sweet bitter taste

Intertwining and boiling

Cupping my warm tongue.



My hot thick soft bowl 

That welcomes the morning sun 

Heating up my soul.



Covering my flesh,

You are hiding my soft skin: 

Protect me from them.


Cherry Blossom

I am the flower

I blossom and fall away;

I opened for you,

Boiled the kettle for you,

Poured it on my heart and died.


Emptiness haunting. 

The golden dust has settled, 

The animals watch, 

The footprints will never come.

The faerie folk can dance now.

Andi Talbot

I breathe it all in landscape

fusing traditions

I sit with my tea

thinking of those before me

and those who came before that.


Walking hometown streets

just as years before we did

Nothing much has changed

It is only us, perhaps

Everything else is the same.