Spontaneous Soapy Combustions

Dynamic duo Tommy Person and Meredith Grace Thomson - aka OrangeApple Press - are always on the lookout for literary adventure, and last Friday evening, they set themselves the challenge of creating a spontaneous anthology of work from their workshop for the S@H! Festival.

The result was a delightfully citrussy blast to the senses which is now available to download for free on their website -

In 'Soap Bar,' Tawnya Selene Renelle shares with us her exasperation with all the bars of soap she has been gifted asking 'Is this the default gift for women?' Maria Sledmere's whirlwind meditation conjures up Jack Kerouac soap smelling of apple pie and gasoline, 'minty beatniks,' and ponders the difference between '...hardcore/ avocado charcoal / and softcore citrus.' And with a nod to the poet of commonplace things -- Francis Ponge, Loll Jung redefines soap as we know it, in her definitive poem 'Get Clean.' I was a little late to the party, but ever the gracious hosts Tommy and Meredith let me in for the final half hour, and I was thrilled to also be a part of this anthology.

As well as OrangeApple Press, Tommy and Meredith have their own solo ventures which are really worth checking out. Blue House Journal is Meredith's digital literacy journal which explores the 'I voice' and construction of the written self through cutting edge poetry, creative non-fiction, experimental prose, and hybrid forms. Tommy's homegrown experimental journal -- algia -- pushes the boundaries of poetry and prose to new and very exciting places, and is where I made my writing debut earlier this year. Tommy also prints and hand crafts his journals, which are - quite simply - a delight. Both are open to submissions at various times of the year.

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