This is a perhaps twice-yearly online festival for writers and those who love them, run mostly by students in Glasgow Uni's Creative Writing department, but also elsewhere.  In these times of Plague, we hope to (a) prevent loneliness; (b) champion connectivity and community amidst social distancing, and; c) celebrate writing and reading as tools to achieve both. It is vital to

nurture our community now more than ever.



We are graduate students in the University of Glasgow's Creative Writing Department – poets, fiction, and fantasy writers. We drink coffee.

Bart Breathneach: @@bartholomew17

Laura Alonso Castro 

Laurie Clarke: @caurylark

Erin Gannon: @TheRealSheRat

Lizy Simonen. @LizySimonen



Well, folks, it looks like the S@H Fringe Lit Fest is on for the Spring. So! If you're releasing a pamphlet or got a workshop idea, or, better yet, an  interactive creative sandbox madness idea, contact us! Also, if you'd like to get involved, we're looking for volunteers! We'll need people on social media, helping with web stuff, and moderating sessions, as well as helping us develop this Fringe into the best yet, because we're counting on it being the last. Which is why we're gonna call it the STILL-AT-HOME Fest. It will be starting May 11 and go two weeks 'til May 26. Get in touch by filling out the form below! 

Spam us! We love it!

5 Lilybank Gardens, University of Glasgow,

Glasgow, UK G12 8RZ

sahfringe at gmail dot com

Thanks for getting in touch!

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