A Lovely Summer For Everyone

Well, people, we made it. It was a good run and we had some good times and some ups and downs, but we lived and we learned, and we read and we wrote and we shared.  


We thank y'all so much for coming to our many, many Zoom rooms, and we're sure our guest speakers / workshop hosts / reading poets / etc. won't mind us thanking you on their behalf. And we thank them from depths heretofore unexplored, as without them, we'd have been sitting in many, many, empty Zoom rooms looking at black boxes and thinking about various definitions of the word "abyss." If anything, our schedule for each festival proved that there are still people out there, fighting the good fight, and fighting to be cool to each other.  


The world is weird and getting weirder and, contrary to the reigning wisdom, we don't think it's the type of weird in which we can turn pro. Alls we can do is make a lot of noise, each one of us a slightly-less-insane-and-definitely-not-as-spoiled Nero with our poems, fiddling on the ass-end of this particular civilisation. That story is supposed to illustrate the inbred madness of the ruing class during the decline of the Roman Empire, but maybe our Nero was onto something; there's nothing much else do to besides try to make something pretty.  

Thanks for joining us in our quest to make pretty things. 

Love and cool whip,

The S@H! Fringe Team

P.S. Some of our Fringe team is involved in putting together a pretty cool experiment in 21rst Century festivalry, so if you've got a WILD idea that you wanna try to pull off, check out their socials here! They're open to any and all ideas -- the further you wanna push the envelope, the better!